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The home of immersive product experience

Publish & embed fully interactive 3D animations to allow your customers
handle and configure your products online

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Because every consumer is unique,
their shopping experience has to be unique too
The world is in 3D, your products are in 3D, but the web and the mediums to showcase them are still in 2D.
Emersya offers a new medium to fully experience your products online through the use of high-end interactive 3D.
It can seamlessly be embedded inside any website and helps bridge the gap between screen and store by placing your products at the very heart of the user experience.
Turn passive visitors into active customers
Make their shopping experience unique with
fully observable products, rich animations and unlimited customization capabilities.
  • "The team has gone above and beyond
    to ensure all of our needs were met and delivered true to our initial vision"

    Alix BUCHTER,

    Marketing Director, Naish

  • "An easy to use platform which provides an impressive 3D experience
    that can be embedded by all our partners as easily as our videos"

    Fabien BOYAVAL,

    Communication Manager, F-ONE

  • "Users can see everything they would also see in store
    which supports the buying-decision process"

    Lars HERZOG,

    E-commerce and Internet Manager, Coleman / Campingaz EMEA

Give a new dimension to your digital marketing

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