Campingaz Gas Barbecues Interactive 3D story-telling

All-in-1 interactive 3D product story-telling

Campingaz was looking to offer more engaging product content which would empower their online customers to explore their range of gas barbecues in an interactive way. The goal was to empower consumers to eplore the product's features online in a similar way they would in a store.

  • Challenges:

    • Demonstrate all product features in an interactive way
      Present products online with 360° previews
      Create more engaging product content to be shared with distributors
  • Solution:

    With Emersya’s technology, Campingaz were able to create triggered animations to demonstrate all of their products’ key selling points. These real-time 3D animations empower online customers to discover the digital version of the product in a similar way as they would in a store. Customers can open & close the BBQ’s hood, side burners, and doors to see the canister compartment below. The Interactive 3D technology provides customers with complete freedom to explore the product from every angle and zoom in to appreciate the minor material details. Real-time reflection and shadowing on shiny elements such as the burner controls create a realistic rendering and simulate the product in natural light. Mixed media animation using 2D images and the real-time 3D animations created on Emersya’s platform have been used to showcase the “Campingaz Culinary Modular System”. The cast iron grid has a removable inner ring that can be replaced by a number of different cooking accessories such as a paella pan, a wok, a pizza stone or a poultry roaster. These possibilities are shown through 2D images that appear when the inner ring is removed. Emersya’s platform creates a unique url for loading the Interactive 3D experiences in any web browser. Campiongaz were able to embed the Interactive 3D content in their website using a simple iframe and share the embed code with their distributors to allow them to embed the product experiences on their own websites. This offers enriched content to online consumers across Campingaz’s worldwide retail network, with the possibility to track the level of consumer engagement on the different embed websites.

    • “Users can see everything they would also see in store which supports the buying decision process"

      Lars Herzog, E-commerce and Internet Manager, Coleman / Campingaz EMEA.

    • Key feature illustration
      Triggered 3D animations

      Multi-level animations allow online customers to explore the product step by step

    • Key feature illustration
      Mixed media animations

      A mix of 3D animation and 2D images are used to provide customers of examples of the dishes that can be prepared on different parts of the product

    • Key feature illustration
      Multi-language dynamic annotations

      Annotation pins can be clicked on to take the customer to a specific viewpoint and provide them with more detailed information about a particular product feature. The annotations are shown in the user's language according to their web browser preferences