Factor 02 Prisma Studio - online bike customization in Interactive 3D

PRISMA STUDIO: Factor’s custom bike frame paint program

Factor was looking to take their bike configurator into a new dimension to provide a unique online customization experience. PRISMA STUDIO is Factor’s custom paint program. It offers you the possibility to choose different artwork, finishes and paint colors to build a unique frameset, all in interactive 3D.

  • Challenges:

    • Provide 360° visuals of the bike frame to allow customers to preview the different customizable zones in real time
      Offer a range of colors and finishes for the different customizable zones that customers can switch among on the fly
      Make it possible to save a customized version of the bike frame to share on social media and replay in a separate 3D viewer
  • Solution:

    Using the Emersya platform, Factor was able to define the different customizable zones on the 3D model of their bike frame and create options for their full range of colors for each zone. They were also able to create different finishes for the all of the color options: glossy, matt and metallic. At the end of the creation process, the platform generates a unique url to load the 3D model and all of the different colour options in a 3D viewer, directly in the web browser (no app required, no plug-ins). Factor designed a custom interface for the PRISMA Studio module on their website, in which the Interactive 3D configurator was seamlessly integrated using Emersya’s API. Simple API calls were used to link each button in the interface with the 3D viewer in order to update the customizable options instantaneously. Online customers can use the 3D viewer to rotate the frameset to preview the different configuration options from every angle and zoom in and out to see the product in more detail. At the end of the customization experience, the user can use the “submit enquiry” function to send a request to the Factor team. This option will generate a screenshot of the custom bike frame configuration as well as a list of the different options selected by the customer. A pdf is then generated with the information received via Emersya’s API, and sent directly to Factor’s sales team. Customers also have the option to save their custom design in order to share it or download a pdf. The “Share” option generates a unique url to allow the customer to replay their custom design in a separate interactive 3D viewer. The customer has the option either to copy the link or to share it directly on Facebook or Twitter. If the customer wishes to “Print” their design, a PDF will be generated with a screenshot of their custom design and a list of the customization options selected. This PDF can then be downloaded or printed directly by the customer.

    • Key feature illustration
      Fully interactive 3D product configurator

      Customize the colors & finishes of different parts of the product and explore the real-time previews from every angle in 3D with deep zoom

    • Key feature illustration
      Save, Share & Replay

      Generate screenshots of the final configuration from different predefined viewpoints along with the list of selected options. Generate a unique url to reload the configured product in a separate 3D viewer. Consumers can share this link to their custom design via social media