Vitra Chair Configurators in Interactive 3D

OFML based furniture configurators

Vitra designs and manufactures iconic furniture products, each one with large range of options, colors and materials that together create billions of possible combinations for their customers to choose from. With so many possible configurations, it was no longer possible for them to pre-render visuals with multiple viewpoints for every single configuration. Vitra were looking to offer their customers a more engaging product configuration experience with interactive previews for all possible configurations. Using their existing 3D models, digital materials and configuration logic in the OFML data format, they were able to set up a highly efficient work flow for creating Interactive 3D configurators on the Emersya Platform.

  • Challenges:

    • Present interactive visuals with unlimited viewpoints for billions of different configurations per product
      Offer a more advanced customization experience to enable customers to view products from every angle and with high quality close-ups of the materials
      Enable customers to switch between all available product options, colors & materials in one seamless product experience
      Interface the online configurators with existing Point of sale system and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Solution:

    Emersya Vitra developed a highly efficient work flow for creating fully interactive 3D configurators in seconds by using the developed an OFML importer so that Vitra could upload their pre-formatted product data directly onto the Emersya’s platform and create their fully interactive 3D configurators in seconds. The platform generates a unique url to load each project into an Emersya 3D viewer, which can be loaded directly in any web browser on any device, or embedded in any web page. Using the Emersya Platform, Vitra created Interactive 3D configurators for both online & in-store product customization experiences, by embedding Emersya’s Interactive 3D viewers in their website and loading them on tablet devices in stores across their retail network. The Interactive 3D viewers empower customers to choose from the full range of options for each product and preview them in real-time Interactive 3D. They can visualize all possible product configurations from every angle and zoom in close to see the detail in the different materials. Vitra also offers their customers the possibility to visualize any configuration in their own physical surroundings using Augmented Reality. When customers click on the AR button, Emersya automatically generates the 3D model of their chosen configuration and loads it in Augmented Reality on the customer's mobile device. The configured product is shown to scale in the space around the customer, allowing them to get an accurate feel for size, fit and design. Vitra developed a custom user interface for their different product collections and were able to seamlessly integrate the 3D viewers using Emersya’s API. API calls were used to link each button in the interface with the 3D viewer in order to update the product options, color & material changes. Each time a customer selects a new option, a request is automatically sent to Vitra’s in-house ERP to verify the available stock, the estimated delivery time and the price for the selected option, so that this data can be shown to the customer through the configurator interface. At the end of the customization experience, the customer may click to order their configured product by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button. Thanks to two simple API calls, Vitra’s eCcommerce site receives screenshots from predefined viewpoints and the list of the product options chosen by the customer. This information is then used to provide the client with an order summary and is sent to Vitra’s production team when the order is confirmed.

    • Key feature illustration
      OFML based furniture configurators

      Publish 3D product models, populate material libraries and generate all available product configurations in seconds based on OFML data and configuration logic

    • Key feature illustration
      Fully Interactive 3D product customization

      Select and preview all product options, colors and materials, in real-time. Visualize all product configurations from every angle in 3D with deep zoom

    • Key feature illustration
      Augmented Reality preview

      Empower customers to visualize their configured product in their own physical space to check size and fit