LEKI Trekking Poles Interactive 3D Story-telling

LEKI Black Series MVC trekking poles online product tutorial with 3D animations

Leki were looking for a way to demonstrate the product technology they have designed for their premium range of trekking poles. Using Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology they were able to provide their online customers with a unique product experience featuring real-time 3D animations and multi-language annotations to provide an instore experience, online.

  • Challenges:

    • Demonstrate all product mechanisms in an interactive way
      Allow customers to explore the product design & features from every angle and in great detail
      Add annotations to highlight innovative product technology
  • Solution:

    Using the 3D animation feature on the Emersya platform, LEKI were able to create triggered animations to tell the product’s story by demonstrating how their poles could be folded, put together, locked and adjusted. These real-time 3D animations empower online customers to freely explore the innovative design of the product and help them to better understand the advantages of the unique product design. The Interactive 3D experience loads with the poles in their folded position, providing customers with the freedom to explore each part of the pole and to gain detailed insights about all of the innovative product technologies built into the design. LEKI designed a simple yet user friendly interface to enable customers to trigger the different product mechanisms as they would in a store. The animations not only move the different parts of the 3D model but also change the camera position to zoom in on the action. These animations are controlled by the user through the interface thanks to Emersya’s API.

    • With Emersya we found a highly professional and dynamic partner to build a truly sophisticated 3D solution generating real added value for the customer and brand.

      Steffen Rückschloss, Digital Marketing Manager.

    • Key feature illustration
      Triggered 3D animations

      Multi-level animations allow online customers to explore the product step by step

    • Key feature illustration
      Multi-language dynamic annotations

      Clickable information hotspots are proposed in multiple languages. They provide additional insights and help to tell the product’s story

    • Key feature illustration
      Interactive 3D Product Story-telling

      Simple API calls are used to trigger the 3D animation of the different product mechanismsallow the interface to control at to demonstrate the different steps in the product's story.