IPP animated hydraulic pump in Interactive 3D

Hydraulic pump animation in Interactive 3D

IPP were confronted with the challenge of presenting both the interior and the exterior of their industrial pumps at the same time. They were also looking for an interactive way of demonstrating the internal mechanism in motion.

  • Challenges:

    • Present both the inside and the outside of industrial products
      Demonstrate the internal mechanisms in motion
      Offer more engaging & interactive online product content
  • Solution:

    Thanks to Emersya’s platform, IPP were able to create an Interactive 3D product experience for their hydraulic pump. Using material animations, they were able to add the option of making the product’s exterior semi-transparent to that customers would be able to see the internal mechanism through the product's outer layer. The 3D animation of the internal mechanism was made cyclic to simulate the actual product's continuous mechanical action. These real time 3D animations help online customers to better understand how the product works in more interactive and engaging experience. The IPP pump project is great example of how offering digital product experiences in Interactive 3D can enhance product presentation and enable consumers to discover products in a ways that would not be possible physically.

    • Key feature illustration
      Semi-transparent outer layer

      Customers can easily discover a product’s interior by making the outer layer semi-transparent

    • Key feature illustration
      Triggered 3D animations

      Multi-level triggered animations empower online customers to actively discover specific features, learn how a product works and explore the internal components or technology