Salomon Running Shoe 3D Customization

SLAB ME:SH - the ultimate shoe personalisation experience

Salomon created a revolutionary way of manufacturing running shoes, which facilitates the complete customization of every part so that the consumer can design their perfect shoe according to their morphology, running style/frequency and own personal taste. The brand was also looking to bring this level of product personalization to the shoes’ exterior design, to enable customers to create a completely custom shoe design by choosing the color of each part.

  • Challenges:

    • Create an interactive product customization experience, offering high quality 3D visualization, that could be deployed online and in stores on tablet devices.
      Enable customers to personalize the visual style of each part of product whilst respecting the global brand design defined by Salomon
      Easily provide design suggestions as starting points for customization
      Propose the option to add custom text to the product
      Offer exploded views to showcase the construction layers of the custom running shoe and provide information on the product technology
  • Solution:

    Using Emersya’s technology, Salomon were able to offer their online customers an Interactive 3D product customization experience as an integral part of their running shoe configurator. A hand-made 3D model was created using traditional modelling and photogrammetry techniques, in order to achieve a high end rendering of the MESH material used to make the shoe. Emersya’s online platform made it simple to create the different color options available for this material and the other customizable parts of the shoe. The model and the customization options were then made available through Emersya’s Interactive 3D Viewer, which was embedded in Salomon’s online configurator. E-commerce customers could explore the product from every angle and click on any configurable part to switch among the available color options in real-time. Salomon built a custom user interface to guide online customers through the configuration process and seamlessly integrated the 3D viewer using Emersya’s API. Salomon also implemented camera animations so that each time a user selects a product part to configure from the interface menu, the camera would automatically change the viewpoint to display the selected part. The interactive customization experience also offers the possibility for the customer to add their initials to a part of the shoe and preview the finish in real-time on the 3D model. Once customers had finalized their design online, the details would be sent to the Salomon SLAB ME:SH store where the custom fitting would be carried out and finishing touches could be added to the design before the product was made. Salomon went further in their online product presentation by using the Emersya platform’s animation feature to create an exploded view of the different construction layers of the shoe. This enabled online customers to visualize the innovative material components of the custom sole, configured according to running preferences. Salomon were then able to generate HD renders of the exploded construction layers as well as an HD view in order to present the internal product design and technology after the configuration process.

    • Key feature illustration
      Fully interactive 3D product configurator

      Click on product parts to customize the colors and materials and explore the real-time 3D previews from every angle with deep zoom

    • Key feature illustration
      Pre-defined Design Suggestions

      Choose from pre-defined design suggestions as a starting point, then add personal touches

    • Key feature illustration
      Custom Text Personalization

      Add custom text and see it applied to the product in real-time 3D

    • Key feature illustration
      Omnichannel Customization Experience

      Start by customizing your design online, then finalize the details in-store

    • Key feature illustration
      3D Exploded View

      Explode the product using 3D animation to discover the internal product technology and material layers