Samsonite suitcase simulation in interactive 3D

An in-store suitcase shopping experience, online

Samsonite were looking to offer their online customers an engaging product experience that would empower them with the freedom to interact with suitcases online in the same way as they would in-store.

  • Challenges:

    • Offer an engaging story-telling experience
      Present the product online from every angle
      Show the inside and outside of the product
      Show the different color and size options available
      Allow customers to apply and preview their custom engraving
  • Solution:

    Using Emersya’s technology, Samsonite replaced the 360° product images they had been using with a fully interactive and animated 3D suitcase, to offer customers a more engaging and complete product experience. By adding real-time 3D animations, Samsonite’s customers can directly interact with the suitcase, open it, lift the handle and even open interior pockets, just as would be able to in a store. Using the Emersya online platform made it simple to create the different color and size options available and allow customers to switch between them on the fly. The platforms ergonomic interface and efficient work flow means that new design options can be easily added in a matter of seconds and the outdated ones can be removed when necessary. The simple user interface, linked to the Emersya 3D viewer using via API, also provides the customer with the possibility to type their custom text and preview the engraving being applied to the product in real-time.

    • Key feature illustration
      Triggered 3D animations

      Multi-level 3D animations allow online customers to explore the product step by step

    • Key feature illustration
      Multiple color & size options

      Switch between all available colors and sizes on the fly

    • Key feature illustration
      Apply Custom Text

      Customers can type their custom text and preview the result on the product in real-time 3D