BIC Sport Windsurf Foils with Interactive 3D animation

BIC Techno foil with exploded construction views

BIC Sports have developed a highly technical foil for windsurf boards. The brand was looking to provide an interactive experience to demonstrate the product technology as well as how the foils fit onto their specially designed boards.

  • Challenges

    • Provide 360° view of the foil design and materials for online customers
      Present the internal construction components
      Demonstrate how the foil fits onto the board
  • Solution:

    With Emersya’s technology, BIC sports were able to create triggered animations in Interactive 3D to show an exploded view of their Techno foil. The Interactive 3D technology makes it possible to explore the foils from every angle and zoom in deeply to see all the details. The experience includes dynamic annotations to provide helpful insights into the composite materials and the product technology. Using the 3D animation feature on the Emersya platform, BIC created an exploded construction view of their foil in order to demonstrate how the components are put together. This shows online customers how easy it is to assemble their foil when they receive their product. BIC created a second Interactive 3D experience for the Techno Foil windsurf board product page. This experience shows the whole windsurf board in 3D with the foil fitted onto it. The product experience enables online customers to click on the animation trigger to see how it is possible to switch between the foil and the standard board fin. These kind of Interactive 3D product story-telling experiences help online consumers to get valuable hands-on information about the product in an engaging way. This in turn can increasing consumer confidence and facilitate the buying decision.

    • Key feature illustration
      Real-time 3D Animations

      Trigger the animation to show how the foil fits onto the board or replace it with a standard fin

    • Key feature illustration
      Multi-language dynamic annotations

      Click on the annotations to zoom in on a feature and get detailed product insights