Turn your 3D models into
online Interactive 3D & AR
product experiences,
in minutes

Publish assets, create experiences,
manage content and options, deploy everywhere,
all from one online platform

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Upload 3D & digital material assets

  • Textured 3D models
  • 3D Scans
  • CAD files
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Fine tune the rendering

  • Use advanced 3D effects for high quality rendering
  • Manage lighting, HDR environment and scenery
  • Create multiple material libraries

Prepare all predefined product variants

  • Adjust the rendering of each product part
  • Assemble product variants and manage their SKUs
  • Generate a 3D experience for customers to switch between variants on the fly

Create unlimited product customization options

  • Prepare multiple rendering variations for each product part
  • Group multiple product parts together
  • Allign product references with order management system, ERPs, PLMs...


  • Prepare experiences that allow visitors to simulate product features
  • Show exploded views
  • Offer a transparent view to show the product's interior
  • Synchronize clocks and watches with current time
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Add product annotations

  • Pin annotations in one click
  • Define optimal viewpoints
  • Create automated guided tours & interactive product story-telling
  • Set titles and descriptions in as many languages as you need

Personalize the 3D viewer interface

  • Choose the background color, apply an image or make it transparent
  • Choose the menu buttons and define a color scheme
  • Choose how users interact with the 3D by defining a control mode
  • Limit the level of zoom, rotation and translation if required

Embed & Share

  • Copy the iframe code for your 3D viewer and embed it
    in any website in seconds
  • Manage metatags to improve SEO and display on social media
  • Manage access restrictions
  • Share with retailers & distributors
  • Guarantee high performance thanks to scalable infrastructure
  • Compatible with all CMS and eCommerce platforms

Create custom user interfaces thanks to Emersya API

  • Control all 3D viewer features from the parent web page
  • Listen to events happening in the 3D viewer
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Collaborative Product Colorway design solution
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