Turn your 3D models into
fully interactive product experiences in minutes

The Emersya platform allows you to publish and
manage every detail, all from one place

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Upload 3D files & textures

  • Textured 3D models
  • 3D Scans
  • CAD files
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Fine tune the rendering

  • Use advanced 3D effects for high quality rendering
  • Manage lighting and scenery
  • Create your own material library

Manage multiple SKUs simultaneously

  • Adjust the rendering of each element
  • Prepare multiple presets and manage their SKUs
  • Generate the interface to switch between versions on the fly

Make any part configurable

  • Adjust the rendering of each element
  • Group multiple 3D elements together
  • Define references with ordering systems


  • Prepare experiences that allow visitors to play with products
  • Show exploded views
  • Offer a transparent view to show the product's interior
  • Synchronize with current time or external events
You can animate
  • 3D elements (parenting and pivot points are available
  • Materials
  • Viewpoints


  • Pin annotations in one click
  • Define optimal viewpoints
  • Define order and automated guided tour
  • Set titles and descriptions in as many languages as you need

Fine tune the interface

  • Choose the background you want or use a transparent one
  • Choose which buttons to offer and set them to your colors
  • Choose the most appropriate control mode to interact with the 3D
  • Limit zooming and rotation capabilities if required

Embed & Share

  • Get the iframe code of your 3D viewer to embed it into
    any website in seconds
  • Manage metatags to improve SEO and display on social media
  • Manage access restrictions
  • Scalable infrastructure to deliver high performance
  • Works with any CMS e-commerce platform

Create your own interfaces using the API

  • Take full control of the 3D experience from the web page which
    embeds the 3d viewer
  • Listen to events happening in the 3D view
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Go further with Special features

Emersya Analytics
Generation of High resolution images
Materials library
On-time watches

And so many more ...

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