Emersya partners with C!Print to launch the C!Factory!

Online 3D Basketball Jersey Personalization Experience

Examples December 14th, 2023

Emersya partners with C!Print to create a new immersive experience : The C!Factory !

The countdown to C!Print 2024 has begun! In less than two months, the C!Print and the CTCO joint trade show for visual communication, graphic design and corporate gifts will take place in Lyon from 6-8th February.

Back in 2022, the C!Print inaugurated a new space, in the middle of the 260 different exhibitor booths, to support the digital transformation of the graphic design industry. The space enables visitors to find out more about technologies for product personalization, web-to-print and how to automate workflows, both thanks to the expertise of the exhibitors as well as through the various conferences, panel sessions and workshops organized by the C!Print.

Driven by the urgent need to address climate change and the growing pressure from a more eco-conscious public aware of the textile industry’s impact on the planet, major manufacturing activities are being relocated to the EMEA region. This growing trend is prompting manufacturers to modernize their workshops to improve both profitability and sustainability.

In order to address these new industry challenges, C!Print is launching its own C!Factory for the 2024 trade show! With the help of C!Print partner Fabéon, C!Print will recreate a complete production line, onsite, in the middle of the expo hall! This new space will take visitors on an immersive journey through the different stages of production, from printing a custom design to the cutting and sewing of a custom garment.

With Paris holding the Summer Olympics, 2024 will be an important year for France, especially for those working in the visual communications industry. Inspired by the upcoming games and paying homage to the local basketball team, C!Print chose to create a mini factory for producing personalized basketball jerseys!

Emersya had already partnered with the C!Print to develop a 3D product personalization experience for the 2023 C!Print Plug&Play zone and provide an automated workflow for the different machines used for personalizing the corporate gifts. After the success of this experience, Emersya was the obvious 3D partner choice for the C!Factory!

We are thrilled to announce that we have developed an exclusive Interactive 3D personalization experience for the C!Factory, that will empower a selection of trade show visitors to create their own personalized basketball jersey, online, in real-time 3D.

The online 3D personalization experience will be linked directly to the production line in order to streamline and automate the printing, cutting and finishing process. The custom jerseys will be made by the C!Factory during the C!Print to provide an end-to-end demonstration of 3D product personalization, from design to production.

The C!Factory online store - 3D Basketball jersey personalization experience

Emersya has developed a custom user experience for the CPrint website, using the C!Print 2024’s brand guidelines.

A selection of visitors will be invited, before or during the trade show, to create their own basketball jersey online, in Interactive 3D. They can personalize each of the 7 pattern pieces  the jersey is composed of, choosing from the available options:
  • the base color
  • the secondary color
  • the color of the logo and texts
  • the graphic design
  • the player’s name
  • the player’s number

C!Factory online 3D personalization experience - customize colors and graphics

Customize colors and graphics

C!Factory online 3D personalization experience - customize texte

Customize number and text

The C!Factory onsite mini production line – Booth 2M38

During the 3 days of the C!Print show, visitors will be able to take a tour of the C!Factory – a mini production line, installed and managed by Fabéon – and see the custom jerseys being produced.

At the C!Factory, visitors will discover an ultra-modern, 100% automated workshop designed to meet the new challenges of on-demand production, without compromising on quality. They will be able to follow in real-time the various stages of product manufacturing: custom design, automation, printing and finishing.

The C!Print partners that are providing the different technologies used in the production line will be on hand to offer their expert advice and provide solutions to help visitors optimize their development projects.

Looking to find out more about mass customization, on-demand manufacturing or Direct To Consumer personalization experiences?

Contact Emersya today to schedule a meeting and a tour of the C!Factory at C!Print 2024!

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