Emersya: Official 3D partner of C!Print & CTCO 2023

Discover the online shop for 3D product personalization

Examples January 24th, 2023

Emersya is the official 3D partner of C!Print and CTCO trade shows

We have developed an online shop for ordering personalized products especially for C!Print 2023.

The online experience empowers visitors to try-out 3D product personalization:

  • Select your product

  • Choose the color or graphic design

  • Add your custom text

all through the same interface, to scale and in real time!  

Emersya then automatically generates the production files that are sent directly to the printing and engraving partners taking part in the Plug&Play workshop.  

Visitors will be able to see their personalized objects being prepared live before their eyes during the show and will be able to take them home as a unique souvenir of C!Print 2023.

Try out our interactive 3D product personalization experience now and come meet us in the Plug&Play Workshop, at the heart of the C!Print show, from 31st January – 2nd February!

Create your personalized souvenir here

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