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Emersya Official 3D personalization partner C!Print

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Events December 14th, 2023

Emersya & C!Print take their 3D personalization partnership to the next level!

For the last 10 years, C!Print has been recognized as the leading event in the visual communication and graphic designs industries in France. The event shines a spotlight on a number of different domains such as textile personalization, packaging, signage and 3D printing. Today, C!Print is the place to be to discover the latest innovations in printing, personalization and finishes.

Earlier this year, Emersya was selected by C!Print as their official 3D partner, to develop an online and in-store 3D product personalization experience for their Plug&Play area – a creative workshop for on-demand personalization at the heart of the expo.

After the success of this experience, Emersya is thrilled to announce that we are renewing and building on our partnership with C!Print for the 2024 show! We are excited to not only provide next level, Interactive 3D product personalization experiences, but also to have our own booth in the Software village and take part in a number of C!Print conferences and panel discussions!

Discover all the activities we have planned for C!Print 2024…
C!Print Expo Floor Plan

C!Print Expo 2024 - Floor Plan

The C!Print Plug&Play online store – 3D product personalization

As C!Print’s official 3D technology partner, Emersya has developed an online 3D product personalization experience, empowering trade show visitors to select, personalize and order one of 7 different objects supplied by Roly or Stamina, exhibitors of the CTCO show.

C!Print Plug&Play 3D

The experience offers true-to-life previews of the objects using Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology. Visitors can:
  • visualize their selected object from every angle
  • customize it with a color and / or a graphic design
  • personalize it by adding a custom text
all in real-time 3D, directly on the C!Print website.

The online 3D personalization experience will be launched mid-January and available to all trade show visitors on the C!Print website. Visitors will also have the chance to discover the experience in-person on the Plug&Play booth, using a giant tablet device.

Stay tuned for the launch of the Plug&Play online store in January!

The C!Print Plug&Play zone - Booth 2P12

Emersya will be back on the Plug&Play Booth for the 2024 C!Print expo where visitors can see their chosen objects be personalized right before their eyes! The 7 other Plug&Play partners: Chemica, Sefa, Epson/Chromalux, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland DG and Tajima, will be providing live demonstrations of their different machines used to print, transfer and embroid the visitors’ custom designs onto their chosen objects. Visitors can discover the different options available for producing personalized products and discuss their own projects with the experts!

Visitors that didn’t get the chance to pre-order their personalized objects online before the show will be able to order them directly at the booth using a giant tablet device. Emersya will not only be providing the in-store 3D product personalization experience, but also an online solution to centralize all the orders for the personalized objects. The Plug&Play partners will have access to the online solution in order to be able to track the orders to be prepared, manage their status and download the production files for printing, embroidering or transferring the custom designs onto the objects.

Learn more about the Plug&Play zone at C!Print 2024 

New for 2024 : The C!Print C!Factory – Booth 2M38

C!Print is launching is own C!Factory for the 2024 trade show! With the help of C!Print partner Fabéon, C!Print will recreate a complete production line, onsite, in the middle of the expo hall! This new space will take visitors on an immersive journey through the different stages of production, from printing the pattern to cutting and sewing of the pieces of a custom garment, in this case a personalized basketball jersey!

C!Factory 3D personalization experience

Emersya has developed an exclusive Interactive 3D personalization experience for the C!Factory that will empower a certain number of trade show visitors and partners to create their own personalized basketball jersey, online, in real-time 3D. Their custom jerseys will be made by the C!Factory during the C!Print to provide an end-to-end demonstration of 3D product personalization, from design to production.

Discover the C!Factory at C!Print 2024

Emersya in the official C!Print conference programme

Our CEO, Aurélien Vaysset will be once again participating in a number of C!Print conferences and panel discussions. Topics will vary from the integration of 3D product personalization with new production technologies, to the use of AI in graphic design...

On Tuesday 6th at 10.30am in the central conference area, Aurélien, will take part in the C!Print inaugural conference “CHANGE THE GAME”. The relocation of manufacturing activities in the EMEA region has become a prevalent trend. Companies have had to seriously reshuffle their cards as the combination of the climate and energy crises, the pandemic, the growing pressure from public opinion and the current global geopolitical situation have forced them to modernize their production workflows in order to manufacture more sustainably, while still improving profitability! Personalization, Automization, Relocation... The C!Print brings together a number of industry leaders in this changing landscape to discuss the new rules of the game in the visual communication and graphic designs industries.

At 11.30, in the same central area, Emersya will take part in a panel discussion about the new technologies set to revolutionize production lines – Print 5.0. Production workflows are evolving to support the digital and environmental transformation of the printing industry. The development of new technologies, the growing robotization of workshops and the upskilling of teams have become key to accelerating this movement. The panel will discuss how companies can leverage these opportunities to drive their transformation and what other tools are available to help them succeed.

On Thursday 8th at 11.30am, Emersya will be taking part in another panel discussion, this time in the conference area of the Software Village. We will be discussing the (r)evolutions that the development of AI technologies is bringing to the graphics design industry. For many, the democratization and generalization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a new Industrial Revolution, as AI has the capacity to transform the ways in which we work, to accelerate processes and to automate a large number of tasks. The purpose of this discussion is to address the impacts that this transformation will have on content creation and the graphic design industry.

The C!Print Software Village – Booth 1B30

For C!Print 2024 Emerysa will have their own booth at the Software Village! We will be providing live demonstrations of how industry leading brands and retailers use our Interactive 3D & AR technology to offer state-of-the-art product personalization experiences.

Our expert team will be on hand to discuss your projects and answer all your questions about product personalization, configurators, made-to-order products and more!

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