PISSEI Custom Lab – Customize your own cycling kit

Online product personalization in Interactive 3D

Examples December 7th, 2023

Embark on a personalized cycling journey with PISSEI's revolutionary 3D customizer!

Tailored for cycling enthusiasts from an amateur to professional teams, this innovative tool allows you to design your dream kit online, anytime, anywhere.

PISSEI, a 100% "Made in Italy" cycling brand, partnered with @We Rad to transform their custom kit ordering process.

Powered by Emersya's Interactive 3D technology, PISSEI's custom lab redefines the cycling apparel experience:
  • Visualize from every angle
  • Choose from available colors or prints to customize every part
  • Add your unique touch with custom text & logos
    all in real-time!

The winning combination of Emersya’s real-time 3D visualization and We-Rad’s super intuitive user interface makes the journey from design to sale seamless, for both customers and PISSEI’s sales team.

At the end of the customization process the customer can fill out a contact form to submit an order request. Upon submission, an image of the custom product design is automatically generated, as well as a link to reload it into the configurator.

The order request is also sent to PISSEI by email with the list of all the customization options selected, for each product part so that they can contact the customer with the price and finish the customization process.

Ready to revolutionize your made-to-order process from design to sales and production?

Contact Emersya today - your partner for Interactive 3D and AR product customization!

Discover the full PISSEI success story


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