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Examples March 28th, 2024

Emersya X Multitube

Multitube manufactures versatile workplace and warehouse products for internal transport, assembly lines, order picking, packaging, storage and logistics, across a wide range of industries. Their goal is to empower businesses to achieve optimal efficiency, safety and ergonomics in their operations.


Multitube’s innovative solutions often require detailed explanations that are difficult to present with simple images and text. They were looking for a way to make their product pages more engaging while effectively providing the technical details about their solutions to enable their customers to choose the right product.


Using the Emersya Platform, Multitube were able to optimize and publish their CAD models and create Interactive 3D experiences for their product pages. These experiences enable online customers to explore the different products from every angle and zoom in on the parts which interest them most. They can also take a guided tour of the product by clicking on the dynamic annotations that provide detailed insights about each product feature and key selling point.

Interview with:

Inga Pouwels

Inge Pouwels

Marketing Coordinator

Why did you choose Emersya as your 3D technology provider?

 Multitube chose Emersya because we wanted to manage our models and create 3D product experiences autonomously. With the Emersya Platform we were able to upload our 3D models, customize them as desired, and add interactions all by ourselves. This was crucial for us.

Multitube’s project dashboard on the Emersya Platform

Multitube’s project dashboard on the Emersya Platform

How did you find the set-up process?

 We exported STEP files from our design program but they were very large for loading on our website. We used Emersya to optimize the models, making them smaller. The result is truly perfect - the loading time of the 3D models is several times faster.

STEP file (left) - Optimized Interactive 3D render (right)

STEP file (left) - Optimized Interactive 3D render (right)

Which features did you use on the platform?

 We primarily use the annotations feature on the Emersya platform. This allows us to explain aspects of our products that require extra clarification, in an interactive way. These annotations work perfectly. We have our website in multiple languages and I can specify the desired text for each language on the platform.

Dynamic annotations provide detailed product insights

Dynamic annotations provide detailed product insights

How did you find the integration process?

 It was very easy to embed the 3D viewers into our website using an iframe and the link provided by the Emersya platform. You can make a few adjustments to personalize the viewer so it looks great on your website!

What impact has Emersya’s technology had on the online user experience?

 We are very pleased with the added value of the 3D models on our website. They load quickly and provide a much better view of our products. Especially the fact that you can look underneath the products, which it is a huge advantage.

This feature enables our customers to view our products from different angles and gain a better understanding of their features and qualities. We've observed an average 20% increase in session duration per page.

Discover Multitube’s products online in Interactive 3D:
Tugger Carts
Packing lines

& more

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