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AR experiences boost online shoppers confidence!

Transform your customers' experience with AR

Image of AR experiences boost online shoppers confidence!
Fonctionnalités October 24th, 2023

Augmented Reality: Your Secret to Boosting Shopper Confidence!

Did you know 8 out of 10 online shoppers feel more confident in their purchases decisions when they use Augmented Reality (AR)?

Here are 5 reasons why AR experiences will be a game-changer for your brand:

  1. Visualize Before You Buy:
    AR lets your customers virtually try before they buy, erasing doubts and supercharging purchase confidence. No more guessing – see it in your space before you click 'purchase'!

  2. Empower Through Exploration:
    AR technology enables shoppers to fully explore and try out a product’s features. The experience empowers them with insights that lead to more informed decisions, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  3. Unleash Engagement:
    Interactive AR experiences are memorable and shareable. Boost consumer engagement and gain new customers through social media advocacy. Make your products the talk of the town!

  4. Expand your Reach:
    Capture the attention of digital-first shoppers worldwide. AR makes your products shine in the global marketplace, helping you stand out and draw in a diverse and engaged customer base.

  5. Embrace Omni-channel Strategies:
    The same AR assets used for enhancing the shopping experience can fuel your marketing engine. Create dynamic campaigns across social media and other channels, amplifying your brand's visibility and resonance. One asset, endless possibilities!

At Emersya, we've been pioneering Interactive 3D and Augmented Reality product visualization for over a decade. From concept to conversion, we've got the expertise to elevate your brand.

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*Stat source: 2022 Alter Agents study commissioned by Snap Inc and Publicis Media

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