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Looking to offer online Virtual Try-On experiences?

Bridge the gap between online & in-store shopping

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Fonctionnalités November 28th, 2023

Ready to Revolutionize Your Shopping Experience with Virtual Try-On?

Imagine empowering your customers to try on those trendy sunglasses, shoes or even new clothing from the comfort of their own home. No crowded changing rooms, no hassle! That's the magic of Virtual Try-On (VTO), and it's transforming the way consumers shop!

Here are 4 reasons why should you invest in Virtual Try-On experiences:

  1. Enhanced Consumer Engagement:
    Virtual Try-On is an immersive and engaging shopping experience that will not only keep customers on your website longer, but also increase a consumer’s emotional connection to your brand. When customers have positive interactions with a brand, they are more likely to return for future purchases and recommend the brand to others.

  2. Increased Conversion & reduced returns:
    One of the major obstacles to buying a product online is the inability to try it on. Virtual Try-On experiences enable customers to visualize what your product will look like on them before making a purchase. This practical experience increases buyer confidence and facilitates the decision making process. It also reduces the likelihood of returns as the product received is more likely to meet the customers’ expectations.

  3. Global Reach:
    Offer Virtual Try-On experiences are accessible to anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection and a device with an integrated camera. This means that customers from around the world can engage with your products 24/7, regardless of their geographical location or time zone.

  4. Competitive Edge:
    Offering state-of-the-art Virtual Try-On experiences is a way of demonstrating your brand’s commitment to innovating and improving the online shopping experience, setting you apart from your competitors.

Emersya, your 3D & AR technology partner, has been at the forefront of this retail revolution for a decade. Our cutting-edge platform empowers brands to create immersive and interactive product experiences, from 3D visualization to Virtual Try-On.

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