KitchenAid’s refrigerator’s in Interactive 3D configurator

Customize your Built-in KitchenAid Refrigerator

KitchenAid were looking to offer online customers an interactive product discovery and customization experience for their built-in refrigerators, in order to help them to choose from a large range of product models and options.

  • Challenges:

    • Present the inside and outside of the refrigerators
      Allow customers to select & preview the available colorways in a kitchen environment
      Provide detailed insights into the product technology and innovative features
  • Solution:

    With Emersya’s technology, KitchenAid were able to create an interactive 3D experience for each of the refrigerator models in their “built-in” range. The 3D experience transports the online customer into a kitchen with the refrigerator built into the units. The consumer can choose the color and material of the cabinet units to help visualize how the product would look in different fitted kitchen styles. This helps in the decision process for choosing the color and materials for the refrigerator’s exterior. KitchenAid were able to provide detailed information on the product features and technology by adding interactive annotations. Customers can click on the numbered pins to open the annotation and the viewpoint will automatically change to allow them to see the feature more clearly. With Emersya’s platform it is possible to manage multi-language annotations so that they will be automatically displayed in the customer’s language according to their web browser settings. KitchenAid also prepared triggered animations on the Emersya platform, to empower customers with the complete freedom to open and close all the doors, draws and compartments of the refrigerator, as though they were in a showroom. A custom designed user interface was purpose built to guide customers through the online product configuration process. The interface is seamlessly linked to the Emersya Interactive 3D viewer using API. The camera angle automatically changes when the customer switches among the options, in order to show the part of the product being customized. The customer can even choose to hide or display the product options they wish to purchase.

    • Key feature illustration
      Fully interactive 3D product configurator

      Click on product parts to customize the colors and materials and explore the product in 3D with deep zoom

    • Key feature illustration
      Triggered 3D animations

      Multi-level triggered animations empower online customers to actively discover specific features and explore a product freely, as they would in a store

    • Key feature illustration
      Interactive annotations

      Customers can click on the numbered pins to zoom in on a feature and get technical product information. The annotations are available in multiple languages according to the customer' web browser settings