KIKO Milano in-store cosmetics customization in Interactive 3D

KIKOiD – Cosmetics customization in Interactive 3D

Kiko launched a new in-store concept which allows shoppers to customize their products, such as their lipstick, mascara or brushes, and their packaging with predesigned icons and customized text. After previewing the different options on the fly using Emersya’s technology, customers can select, order and print their custom engraving right there in the store.

  • Challenges:

    • Provide real-time previews of chosen engravings and custom text on the product
      Enable consumers to explore the product packaing from every angle
      Create engaging real time animations to simulate the products being opened
  • Solution:

    KIKO chose the Emersya platform to create Interactive 3D customization experiences with real-time animations for a selection of their best-selling cosmetics. 3D models of the top range of lipstick, mascara, concealer and brushes were published on Emersya’s platform. The extensive rendering parameters available were used to create a realistic render for each product and to prepare the different color options available for the customizable packaging as well as the product colors themselves. Using the built in animations feature on the platform, KIKO were able to create real-time product animations to show the products caps being removed and replaced, making it possible for shoppers to select and preview both the color of their product and the color of the packaging. KIKO’s web agency, Reload, designed a custom user interface to lead shoppers through the different steps of the customization experience. The 3D viewers for each product were seamlessly integrated in to the interface using Emersya’s API. The interface controls the product animations as well as all the color changes and the application of custom graphics and custom text. The experience offers consumers the possibility of engraving their customized product with special graphics or even custom text. Shoppers can scroll through the available graphics and see them applied to their customized product in real time on the product shown in interactive 3D. Custom text can be typed directly by the consumer and the engraving is automatically applied to the product. At the end of the customization experience the customer confirms their order and the instore system receives confirmation of the list of options selected as well as the vectorial files for the custom graphic and/or text to be sent directly to the in-store 3D printer. The customized product is prepared right there in the store by the 3D printer so the shopper receives their personalized product at the end of their unique shopping experience.

    • Key feature illustration
      Fully interactive 3D product configurator

      Preview and choose from the available product colors in Interactive 3D

    • Key feature illustration
      Apply graphics and custom text engravings

      Select one of the available graphics or type a personal message and see it applied to the product in real-time