Infiniti Virtual Showroom with Interactive 3D configurators

Interactive 3D Virtual Showroom experience

Infiniti is a contemporary furniture brand launched by OMP Chairs in 2008. One of the brand’s core beliefs is that “design should be a value to be shared, and to be enjoyed in good company.” As the company designs furniture “to share, to socialise, to meet”, they faced a major challenge in 2020 when the global pandemic hit and they could no longer share their products at international trade fairs or meets customers through in-person sales. To bridge the gap between in-person and online product discovery, Infiniti decided to launch a digital campaign “CLOSE2U” to present their new products for the year 2021. The aim of the campaign was to bring existing customers and new prospects closer to the new range of Infiniti products and to create new business opportunities by offering real-time product customization online.

  • Challenges:

    • Develop an efficient marketing tool and a powerful business accelerator in response to the constraints imposed by the pandemic
      Overcome physical and time boundaries by empowering online consumers to fully interact with products within a digital sales environment
      Offer an advanced real-time customization experience to enable customers to view products from every angle and with high quality close-ups of the materials
      Offer an advanced real-time customization experience to enable customers to view products from every angle and with high quality close-ups of the materials
      Enable customers to switch between all available product options, colors & materials in one seamless product experience
      Ensure a user friendly experience that could be enjoyed by all, from industry professionals to curious visitors
      Create a scalable & affordable solution that would drive website conversion rate, product interaction and subsequent online sales
  • Solution:

    Infiniti chose to work with IN2REAL, an advanced design studio that creates unique immersive experiences for digital product presentation and customization, rooted in the brand’s style, message and history. IN2REAL offered Infiniti a constructive solution to their challenges, by suggesting the use of Interactive 3D technology that could bridge the gap between the comfort of a remote purchase and the effectiveness of the human experience. IN2REAL developed a bespoke virtual showroom in which online visitors could visit a number of exhibits, each one showcasing a different Infiniti product. Based on Infiniti’s brand guidelines, the photorealistic 3D environment was designed to immerse visitors in the experience and to enhance the versatility & quality of the Infiniti product collection. IN2REAL designed a scalable multi-device platform (usable on the most common web browsers and smartphones), capable of simulating the physical retail space experience. Users can easily navigate the virtual space using by rotating the 360° view and clicking on the arrows to move between the different rooms. Each room has its own unique design which can be explored from any angle. Clickable hotspots are strategically placed on all points of interest to provide more information including personalized and interactive technical data sheets, links to catalogs, videos, and product slideshows. This empowers users to enjoy their own unique visit while increasing dwell time by inviting them to learn more about the products that interest them the most. Each product showcase includes an Interactive 3D product configurator, powered by Emersya’s real-time 3D viewer. The 3D viewers provide users with the freedom to explore the full range of product options and users from every angle and to zoom in close to see the detail in the different materials. IN2REAL developed a user friendly interface for the product configurators and were able to seamlessly integrate the 3D viewers using Emersya’s API. API calls were used to link each button in the interface with the 3D viewer in order to update the product options, color & material changes. The Interactive 3D product configurators have also been embedded in the product pages on Infiniti’s website. Infiniti launched the virtual showroom during a 3-day digital event organized by the sales team for journalists and VIPs. During this event the sales team were able to use the virtual showroom to provide 550 one-to-one presentations, host 1500 guests and meet with 25 different media outlets.

    • We have achieved what we set out to do, namely to bring as many people as possible as close as possible to the experience of seeing our brand's 2020 innovations in the shortest time possible.

      Marco Ceccato, Sales-Marketing & Product-Strategy Director of Infiniti Design & OMP Group.

    • IN2REAL identified Emersya as the best and most complete solution, a platform capable of expanding our performance and ability to manipulate shapes, colors, and finishes. Emersya is a powerful yet accessible tool that has allowed our development team to collaborate seamlessly with the design team. Emersya's comprehensive and intuitive interface is one of the main reasons we evaluated this as the ideal tool.

      Pietro Fantoni, Creative Director of Emersya's partner agency IN2REAL.

    • Key feature illustration
      360° Virtual Showroom

      Explore a 360° virtual showroom with interactive hotspots to provide information about the products

    • Key feature illustration
      Interactive 3D product configurator

      Browse and customize all product variations and options, in real-time. Visualize all possible configurations from every angle in 3D with deep zoom

    • Key feature illustration
      Extensive digital materials library

      Instantly preview thousands of available materials from fabrics to woods, plastics to metal finishes, on the Interactive 3D product.

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      Custom Integration using Emersya's API

      Seamlessly integrate Emersya’s interactive 3D viewer into a custom user interface to load the selected product configuration in real-time

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      About IN2REAL

      IN2REAL is an advanced design studio focused on product presentation, configurators and immersive experiences always rooted in the client’s style, message and history. By merging digital and visual technologies, IN2REAL creates applications and interactive solutions to manage complex scenarios or to simply tease a brand’s target market. IN2REAL is an official Emersya partner that offers a wide range of services always aiming for the highest quality visuals for product manufacturing and interior design, marketing and entertainment. Looking to offer Interactive 3D online configurators in a virtual showroom experience? Contact IN2REAL today: