Samsonite suitcases in Interactive Augmented Reality

An in-store suitcase shopping experience, in augmented reality

Samsonite were looking to take their Interactive 3D suitcase experience to the next level and offer online customers the possibility to project products to scale into their physical surroundings using web-based Augmented Reality technology. The goal of this unique experience would be to empower customers to gain a more accurate perception of the available sizes, designs and colors in order to be able to make a more informed buying decision.

  • Challenges:

    • Present the product to scale in web-based AR
      Show the different color and size options available to scale in AR
      Show the inside and outside of the product in AR
      Allow customers to visualize the products next to themselves
      Enable customers to preview their custom engraving in real-time
  • Solution:

    After two years of presenting Interactive 3D story-telling experiences for their star suitcases, Samsonite chose to implement Emersya's latest innovation to offer web-based interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences on their product pages. This new feature empowers online customers to explore Samsonite products from every angle in Interactive 3D and Augmented Reality, giving them a better perception of size, design and color. The 3D models are projected into the user’s surroundings using the camera on their mobile device. The products appear to scale and the experience is loaded directly from within the Samsonite e-commerce website thanks to the seamless integration of the technology. The technology is the first of its kind to work purely through the web browser, without the need for a separate downloadable application, nor the native AR features for Android and IOS. A unique aspect of the Interactive AR experience is the ability to animate the suitcase in ‘real-life’ through multiple actions such as opening the suitcase or pulling up the handle. Customers also have the possibility adding custom text and seeing it engraved in real-time on the product in 3D. The feature is made all the more innovative thanks to the new Interactive AR Photos concept developed by Emersya. Customers can take a photo of themselves, or someone else and then position the 3D model next to the person in the Interactive AR photo. This allows them to better gage the different size suitcases next to a real life reference. Within the photo, users can continue to enjoy all the features offered by the Interactive AR experience, without the need to remain standing in the same position holding their arm out straight! Samsonite is the first luggage brand to bring this innovative Web-powered AR technology to consumers. Their aim is to further improve their online shopping experience and providing customers with more certainty when purchasing online.

    • By giving people the ability to visualize our products in real size, we hope to create more satisfied customers while at the same time reducing the number of returns

      Edouard Wattel, General Manager E-Commerce & Digital at Samsonite Europe.

    • Key feature illustration
      Fully interactive Web AR

      Customers can project products in 3D to scale in the surrounding space, then move, position and animate them to explore their features and even switch among the available colorways and product options

    • Key feature illustration
      Real-time 3D Animations

      Multi-level animations empower online customers to explore the product step by step

    • Key feature illustration
      Switch between multiple product colorways

      All the available colors for this product can be previewed in Interactive 3D and AR

    • Key feature illustration
      Switch between multiple product options

      All the available sizes of the suitcase models can be visualized to scale in Interactive 3D and AR