Vitra Office chair tutorials in Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D Digital User Instructions for ergonomic office chairs

  • Challenges:

    • Provide an interactive demonstration of how to adjust the different product parts
      Enable online customers to view the products from all angles and with deep zoom
      Offer a more engaging product story-telling experience for online customers
  • Solution:

    With Emersya’s technology, Vitra were able to create triggered animations to demonstrate how to use the different mechanisms and product features of their office chairs. These real time 3D animations help online customers to better understand how to correctly adjust the chair according to their preferences and to ensure correct posture at work. The animations can be triggered directly by the customer in the 3D viewer by clicking on the numbered hotspots placed on the different parts of the chair. These numbers correspond to the topics of the User Instructions in the interactive tutorial interface. The customer can also trigger the animations by clicking on one of the topics directly as the 3D viewer and the tutorial interface are seamlessly connected thanks to Emersya’s API. This provides the customer with the freedom to navigate the tutorial experience as they wish, either using the menu provided or by directly interacting with the 3D model. Each topic and hotspot explains how a specific part of the chair can be adjusted both through real-time 3D animations and a text description shown on the tutorial interface. When the animation has finished playing customers can continue to explore the chair in Interactive 3D from every angle and zoom in to see the material details and the components.

    • Key feature illustration
      Dynamic tutorial and story-telling interface

      Clickable topics linked to the Interactive 3D viewer to launch the 3D animations demonstrating how to adjust the chair

    • Key feature illustration
      Triggered 3D animations

      Multi-level animations allow online customers to explore the product step by step

    • Key feature illustration
      Seamless integration using API

      Borderless 3D viewer with transparent background, seamlessly integrated into the web page interface which can trigger the 3D animations via API