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What impact does Interactive 3D have on online product pages?

Discover the latest engagement rate statistics for Emersya's Interactive 3D...

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Fonctionnalités February 21st, 2023

Turn passive browsers into active customers with Interactive 3D!

Did you know, 90% of online shoppers spend at least 10 seconds engaging with Interactive 3D product experiences!*

Empowering shoppers with the freedom to interact with products online as they would in-store not only drives engagement but also:
  • enhances the learning journey through innovative digital content,
  • streamlines the decision making process by consolidating key information,
  • builds buyer confidence by providing a more precise understanding of the product,
  • cultivates customer loyalty thanks to increased satisfaction
All of which ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate AND average order value!

Contact the Emersya team today to discuss how you can turn your static product visuals into Interactive 3D product experiences!

*Stat Source:
Emersya's Interactive 3D viewers are used by 100M+ end users worldwide!
Our in-house viewer analytics tool shows that 90% of users that activate a 3D viewer spend at least 10 seconds interacting with its contents when loaded.
This could be rotating the product, zooming in on the details, clicking on annotation pins, triggering animations or switching between colorways.

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