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Virtually Try-On Julbo sunglasses online!

Discover the new Julbo Density range in AR

Exemples November 30th, 2023

Revolutionizing Online Sunglasses Shopping with Emersya's Interactive Virtual Try-On technology!

Julbo is a brand with over a century of heritage in crafting top-quality eyewear that has taken a leap into the future of online shopping.

The Challenge:

They were looking for a way to empower customers to explore sunglasses from every angle in 3D as well as offering the possibility to try them on in Augmented Reality.

The Solution: An Interactive 3D and AR web viewer

Now, on Julbo's website, customers can find an immersive 3D viewer on for a number of their star products including the Density range.
The sunglasses model loads in real-time Interactive 3D and customers can zoom in, rotate, and inspect every detail of the product. They can also simulate the innovative Reactiv lens technology, which darkens or brightens according to light intensity.

But here's what makes the difference: A try-before-you-buy experience in AR!
With Emersya’s technology, customers can switch to Augmented Reality mode and visualize in real-time what the sunglasses look like on them. Emersya's technology adjusts to the customers every move as they check out the sunglasses from different angles and switch between the different colorways.

The result:

Customers can explore the product in detail thanks to real-time, true-to-life previews and virtually try-on sunglasses online as if they were in-store.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-on experiences enable online customers to make more informed and confident choices, increasing conversion rates and reducing returns.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation and enhanced product engagement?
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