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OneIdentity PISSEI Custom Lab – Customize your own cycling kit

PISSEI is a 100% “Made in Italy” brand and manufacturer of high quality cycling clothing and accessories, first established in 1978. Their mission is to combine the best quality and technological standards with an attractive graphic design. The brand offers refined and non-conventional clothing collections as well as the possibility for riders and teams to create their own custom design. PISSEI were looking to improve their current system for made-to-order cycling kits, in order to allow their consumers to create their custom designs easily and independently. Up until recently, PISSEI had been managing their customers exclusively in person: a representative had to communicate with customers from around the world to prepare the sometimes very complex custom jerseys designs, without having a real-time preview. They needed an online solution that would empower their customers to customize every aspect of the garments with colors, prints, custom logos, and text. The issue was the lack of an efficient, automated and streamlined communication with the final customer for the production of their customized garments. PISSEI were looking to set up a faster, more interactive, and practical point of access for customers to be able to order custom clothing for themselves or their cycling teams, independently from anywhere, at any time.

    • Enable customers to easily visualize and try out different colors & print designs on the garment in real-time
      Allow customers to upload and apply custom logos and text directly onto the product in real-time
      Ensure a user friendly experience that could be enjoyed by all, from professional teams to individual cycling enthusiasts
      Create an online, streamlined and semi-automated process for product customization from design to sale to production
  • Solution:

    PISSEI chose to work with WE RAD, a Communication Agency that specializes in managing communication in all its aspects, from analog to digital. WE RAD offered the brand a solution perfectly adapted to their needs: An Interactive 3D product customizer! After evaluating different 3D technology providers, WE RAD chose the Emersya Platform and Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology to provide a real-time preview for the online customizer. Using the Emersya platform, WE RAD were able to upload 3D models of PISSEI’s different cycling jerseys and bib shorts, define the different customizable parts and prepare all of the different color and print design options available for each part. They were also able to predefine the zones in which customers would be apply to apply their custom logos and text on each product. At the end of the creation process, the platform generates a unique URL to load the 3D model of the product and all of the different customization options directly in the web browser, using Emersya’s Interactive 3D viewer. WE RAD seamlessly integrated the 3D viewer into the custom user interface, which they designed and developed with the goal of providing the most intuitive online product customization experience for PISSEI’s customers. Simple API calls were used to link each button in the interface with the 3D viewer in order to update the customizable options in real time. What’s more, the customizer has been developed using a highly configurable CMS meaning that all new 3D models uploaded to the Emersya platform will work directly with the online customizer set-up, avoiding the need for additional development.

  • The online 3D Customization experience:

    The PISSEI 3D customizer provides online customers with a fully interactive preview of the product, enabling them to seamlessly explore from every angle and zoom in on the details. When they select a customizable part of the product from the menu on the right-hand side, the Interactive 3D preview automatically changes the viewpoint in order to display the part to be customized. Customers can preview and choose from a large number of colors and print designs available for each customizable part of the product. Customers can also apply a custom text or logo to one or multiple zones on any of the customizable parts. For logos, they can simply upload their image to see it applied to the selected zone in real-time on the 3D preview. They can even adjust the size in real-time to ensure the exact positioning or their logo. For the next version of the online customizer, the user will not only be able to upload their custom logos but also to position them freely on the entire product surface, rather than just in predefined areas. Another option is to add custom text to the available zones. Customers can simply type their text to see it appear in real-time on the 3D preview. They may choose from the available colors, fonts and also adjust the size within their selected zone. At the end of the customization process the customer can fill out a contact form to submit an order request. Upon submission, an image of the custom product design is automatically generated, as well as a link to reload it into the customizer. The customer receives an email with the image, the reload link and a message to inform them that they will be contacted shortly by the PISSEI team. The order request is also sent to PISSEI by email with the list of all the customization options selected for each product part, so that they can contact the customer with the price and finish the customization process.

    • Emersya's API integrated seamlessly into a next-generation front-end development environment. The available API functions made real-time interaction with the customizable product possible, and smooth page loading, including our splash screen integration. The API system has allowed us to work independently, with no limitations on UI design, while adhering to our Jamstack development standards.

      WE RAD, Communications Agency.

    • Key feature illustration
      Interactive 3D product customization

      Click on product parts to customize the colors and materials and explore the real-time previews from every angle in 3D with deep zoom.

    • Key feature illustration
      Apply custom logos

      Upload custom logos or graphics on the fly to pre-defined areas of the product. Preview and adjust the size in real time.

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      Apply custom text

      Type a personalized text, choose the font, size & color and preview the result in real time.

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      Save, Share and Reload

      Save customized product designs and receive a unique url to reload them back into the configurator. Customers receive the replay link by email when they make an order request.

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      Custom Integration using Emersya's API

      Seamlessly integrate Emersya’s interactive 3D viewer into a custom user interface to load the selected product configuration in real-time.

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      About WE RAD

      WE RAD is a Communication Agency with a B corp certification that specializes in managing communication in all its aspects, from analog to digital. Each project is defined with the goal of collaborating closely with the client. Collaboration allows them to understand the needs of the brands and to respond comprehensively and quickly to their requirements. They prioritize streamlining and making processes more intuitive. WE RAD's projects are always designed with the final consumer in mind, aiming to facilitate their interaction with the media. WE RAD website: https://we-rad.com/en