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Immersive 3D product configurators
Build & deploy immersive configurators in minutes
  • Make any product
    infinitely customizable
  • Transcend
    customer satisfaction
  • Save time and money
Start now
Unlock your customers creativity and
let them tailor your products in a fast and amazing way
Emersya technology offers a complete immersion to your customers.
They become the designers and so find the perfect match for themselves among endless possibilities..
The fully observable 3D previews are updated in real-time for a completely unique shopping experience.
Publish & Manage your own configurator
Emersya platform allows you to create and manage your own configurators
with no technical expertise, based on the 3D models of your product.
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  • Plug it

    Generate the interfacebased on the configurations you have prepared or develop your own and plug them using our API.

  • Upload

    Upload your 3D files or start from an Emersya Showcase.

  • Manage configuration

    Choose which parts can be configured and define precisely how each possible options will look like.

  • Create the interface

    Generate the interface based on the configurations you have prepared or develop your own and plug them in using our API.

Get the most from the most advanced platform for brands
to publish fully interactive 3D configurators

Stunning and smooth

  • Realistic real-time rendering
    State of the art 3D visualization,
    in true real-time, in the browser.
  • Deep zoom any detail
    Endless zooming capabilities in high resolution.
    It can also be limited.
  • Intuitive controls
    Easy and smooth handling on any device.
    Several modes are available.

Easy and powerful

  • Embed and share anywhere
    Unlimited sharing,
    as easy as embedding videos
  • Device-agnostic and responsive
    Works on desktops, tablets and mobiles and
    displays exactly as you and your partners want.
  • No plugin required
    Our technology is based on HTML5 and
    WebGL web browsers standards.

Business focused

  • Multi-language
    You are global, make your content available
    for all your markets.
  • SEO and social media friendly
    Optimize your natural referencing with metatags
    and offer great previews through social media.
  • Optimized downloading time
    Lossless compression of models and worldwide
    replication on our servers for reduced latency.
  • Secured 3D models
    Your models are encrypted and
    converted to the Emersya proprietary format.
  • Robust hosting infrastructure
    Scalable and highly available infrastructure
    to deliver high performance at any time.
  • Professional support
    First level throught the platform.
    24-7 premium support available.


  • API for developers
    Get more out of our technology by
    communicating with it from your website.
  • Custom viewer branding
    Customize the viewer to fit your
    brand guidelines or that of one of your partners.
  • Fine-tune 3D scenes
    Control precisely what your 3D looks
    and prepare multiple scenes per product.
  • Manage acces restrictions
    Control which websites can embed your content
    or share privately with password protection.
  • 20+ file formats supported
    Most common exchange file formats are

Give a new dimension to your digital marketing

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