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Examples August 3rd, 2023

Creating a state-of-the-art online product configurator

XTONE is part of the Porcelanosa Group, an international company the offer a wide range of products, from kitchen and bathroom equipment to advanced construction solutions for contemporary architecture.

XTONE specializes in large format stone surfaces that can be used in all types of interior design and architectural projects, such as countertops, flooring, walls, tables and bathrooms. The XTONE products come in a wide range of finishes, which makes it possible for the surfaces to adapt to all types of projects and spaces.

The Challenge

XTONE was looking to empower their clients to explore and visualize the possibilities of using the XTONE materials to create finished product solutions for tables and bathrooms. They developed a new line of products; tables, basins, show trays and bath tubs; characterized by the fusion between minimalism and contemporaneity.

Due the highly configurable nature of these products, they needed a way to empower their clients to visualize all the possible configurations and to preview all the available XTONE finishes.
With thousands of possible configurations for each product, taking photos or even preparing product render based on the CAD files was out of the question. Yet it was essential to find a solution that would allow them to generate true-to-life product images in order to convey the qualities of the different marbles, concretes, stones, woods, and metals.

The Solution

That’s were Emersya came in!

Using the Emersya Platform, XTONE ’s product team were able to publish their 3D design files for their products and create digital materials for all of the XTONE materials and finishes, from high quality photos of the physical stone samples. They defined the configuration structure for each product in an excel spreadsheet and simply uploaded it to the platform to set up all the possible configurations in Interactive 3D.

A custom use interface was developed for the online 3D configurator to enable customers to easily explore the different options and guide them through the configuration process. The Emersya Interactive 3D viewer was embedded in the XTONE website and connected to the configurator interface using Emersya’s simple API.

As customers explore and choose from the available product options, the 3D viewer updates in real-time to provide a true-to-life interactive preview of their selected configuration. This installs confidence as the client can explore the options from every angle and zoom in on the details to get a crystal clear idea of what they are buying.

The 3D configurator provides an intuitive and enjoyable experience that empowers online customers to visualize all available options independently and from the comfort of their own home. At the end of the experience they can save their configuration and download a pdf summary with a unique link to reload the Interactive 3D preview of their custom product online.

They can also request a quote for their custom product directly through the online configurator. This sends the pdf summary, along with all of the relevant product codes and references to XTONE so that one of their sales reps can get in touch with the customer.

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