Online Product Customization in Interactive 3D

Increase customer satisfaction and eliminate returns!

Features February 17th, 2022

Empower consumers to customize your products online in 3D!

According to recent consumer trends[1], shoppers are not only looking for unique, personalized experiences, but also the possibility to create personalized products.

What better way to increase consumer-brand engagement than by offering customers the opportunity to co-create products with their favourite brands through an online product customizer!

Offering product customization allows consumers to create a product that incorporates their preferences and reflects their personality. The customer is naturally more attached to their personalized product which can have a direct positive impact on conversion rate and customer satisfaction, while reducing or even eliminating the number of returns.[2]

However, creating an online product customizer presents a number of challenges:

  • Designing a simple & easy-to-use experience
  • Creating thousands of preview images, from multiple view-points, for all possible configurations of a customizable product
  • Offering the possibility to upload, apply & edit custom graphics on the product in real-time
  • Ensuring that the final product delivered to the customer is true to their online design

Emersya offers an all-in-one solution for creating interactive & intuitive online product customization experiences.

With Emersya’s technology, customers can visualize and interact with their selected product in 3D, select each customizable part and preview all the available colors and materials.

They can upload their own images and graphics to apply them directly on the Interactive 3D preview, then adjust the position, size and orientation in real-time. It is also possible to apply custom text as an engraving, embossing, embroidery etc. and visualize the result instantly.
Victorinox customized swiss army knivesVictorinox Swiss Army Knife customization in Interactive 3D

At the end of the customization process, Emersya makes it possible for the consumer to instantly visualize their custom product in Augmented Reality! The customer can also Save & Share a link to their custom design that will load the Interactive 3D preview in any web browser.

Lastly, Emersya can provide the digital files that will allow the manufacturer to ensure that the custom product is perfectly aligned with the customer’s digital design. We have also developed an Order Management solution for our clients looking for an easy way to manage their made-to-order processes.

Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology can be embedded in any website and integrated with existing CMS, eCommerce, ERP and PIM / DAM systems. The same Interactive 3D customization experience can be offered online and in-store, using any device.

The Emersya platform enables brands to effortlessly create, manage, deploy and share immersive 3D & AR product cutomization experiences, without any advanced technical expertise.

Here are some examples of customization experiences created by our clients using Emersya's technology:
Customize your Billabong women's wetsuit inline in 3DBillabong’s wetsuit customization

Beyerdynamic Interactive 3D headphone customization
Beyerdynamic’s custom headphones

Personalize your cosmetics in Interactive 3D
KIKO Milano’s in-store cosmetics customization

Looking to offer product customization experiences in Interactive 3D & Web AR that drive conversion rate while reducing returns?
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[2] As customized products are usually made to order, it is common for brands to have a 0 returns policy.

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