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Events January 26th, 2023

Emersya, the official 3D partner of C!Print and CTCO tradeshows 

For the past 10 years, C!Print has been the leading event for visual communication and the graphic design industry. The event shines a spotlight on a number of different domains such as textile personalization, packaging, signage and 3D printing. Today, C!Print is the place to be to discover the latest innovations in printing, personalization and finishes.  

Floor Plan for the C!Print Show

Meet our team in the Plug&Play zone, a creative workshop located at the heart of the exhibition. This unique space gathers together innovators and experts of object and textile personalization. Come and try-out our interactive 3D product personalization solution for yourself!

CTCO will be held alongside C!Print. It is the leading event dedicated to promotional items and textiles, where you can also meet the Emersya team.

Aurélien VAYSSET "Our partnership with C!Print was an obvious choice
because a big part of our core business is empower
our customers to create 3D personalization experiences,
explains Aurélien Vaysset, CEO of Emersya.  

Creation of an online store for 3D product personalization

Online store for personalizing products in 3D

As a technical partner, Emersya has developed an online shop for personalized products for the C!Print website. The eshop empowers visitors to personalize in 3D a selection of items especially designed for the nomadic worker. This omnichannel personalization experience will start online and continue at the event.

Online product personalization in 3D

The online experience empowers visitors to try-out 3D product personalization:
  • Select your product
  • Choose the color or graphic design
  • Add your custom text
all through the same interface, to scale and in real time!  

Emersya then automatically generates the production files that are sent directly to the printing and engraving partners taking part in the Plug&Play workshop.  

Visitors will be able to see their personalized objects being prepared live before their eyes during during the show and will be able to take them home as a unique souvenir of C!Print 2023.

Emersya in the official C!Print conference programme

C!Print conference area

Emersya will be in the spotlight at the Software Village on Thursday, February 2nd to explain how companies can use 3D and AR to reinvent the customer journey by creating omnichannel experiences for object personalization and other innovative business use cases.  

Speaker announcement: Aurélien Vaysset

At 11am, our CEO, Aurélien Vaysset, will take part in a panel discussion on the importance of the use of artificial intelligence and automation for creative professionals. The most recent technology developed by Emersya uses artificial intelligence to dress a photo of an individual. This solution allows brands to generate more diverse and inclusive images by dressing all their models with all their products.  

Speaker announcement: Patrice Salvan
At 12:30, our marketing director, Patrice Salvan, will address new consumer online shopping habits and present how 3D and AR technology can help brands take advantage of them. Through the presentation of a Victorinox case study, visitors will discover how to create immersive product personalization experiences and what are the benefits for their customers and their company.    

Join them in the conference area to find out all there is to know about 3D, Augmented Reality and AI for online product personalization, visual communications and graphic design!

Comme meet our team at the Plug&Play Live 3D personalization workshop from January 31st to February 2nd!

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