Interactive 3D for Made-to-Order Online Product Customization

Dainese Custom Works Interactive 3D Configurator

Examples January 27th, 2022
Design your own bespoke motorcycle jacket, just like Valentino Rossi!

Dainese has been making custom motorbike suits for professional racers for 50 years. They were the first major motorcycle apparel manufacturer to bring the same made-to-order experience to the consumer market.

5 years ago, Dainese launched a 3D configurator to scale their bespoke design process to mass customization.

The online configurator revolutionized the experience which was originally a long and complicated in-person process. Using Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology, Dainese empowered customers to create their own custom race suit online, in a matter of minutes.

The 3D technology enables customers to select the configurable parts of the suit, preview all the available color options and even upload and apply logos and text in real-time.

The 3D configurator is an essential part of the Dainese made to order process and the brand continues to add new product models each year.
Find out more about how they use Emersya’s technology to create and manage their online configurator:

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