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Features December 13th, 2022
Products are returned when they do not meet the customer's expectations!

Offering product customization helps combat this problem in 2 ways:

1. Product customization empowers consumers to adapt a product to their preferences, increasing the probability of higher satisfaction rates.

2. Consumers also invest their time and creativity in the customization experience thus creating a special bond with the product and the brand, further reducing the likelihood of a return.

However, it is ESSENTIAL that the customization experience provide the customer with an accurate preview of their custom product in order to give them enough confidence to make the purchase and to avoid any surprises upon reception.

Emersya's Interactive 3D provides customers with an interactive, true-to-life preview of the product that updates in real-time as they try out different customization options.

The Emersya Platform empowers brand to easily create, manage and embed Interactive 3D & Augmented Reality product customization experiences.

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Many companies that offer custom products do not allow returns do to their low salvage value.

However, research shows that offering product customization and allowing returns can both increase profits and reduces the total number of returns (standard and customizable products combined).
This is because:

- customizable products are more valuable in the eyes of the customer and can therefore be sold at a higher price
- allowing returns on customized products means more consumers choose this option over a standard, off the shelf product.
- customized products are less likely to be returned (for the reasons outlined above)

So in conclusion, by offering returnable customized products, companies can sell more higher priced products with a lower return rate, thus making greater profits!

*Statistic source & Research: Esenduran, Gokce and Letizia, Paolo and Ovchinnikov, Anton, "Customization and Returns" (May 8, 2020).

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