FAIN Ascensores - Elevator customization & Interactive 3D online tour

Online 3D virtual tours of configurable products

Examples March 4th, 2021
Provide 3D virtual tours and interactive product customization online!

FAIN ASCENSORES offer online customers a unique way to visualize their new range of state of the art elevators cabins using Emersya's Interactive 3D technology.

Customers can preview all the options for every configurable part of the cabin in real-time.
The virtual tour enables customers to explore the elevator from every angle and move inside to enjoy a 360° view of their custom design.

At the end of the experience, customers can save their design & download a pdf summary with images and the list of their selected options.
A quotation request is sent directly to the FAIN sales team with the PDF summary in attachment.

The PDF includes a link that enables the customer to reload the Interactive 3D tour of their custom elevator cabin design directly in any web browser.

Discover the ION cabin configurator by FAIN Ascensores here:

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