Emersya's Interactive 3D increases dwell time and consumer engagement!

On average, consumers spend 1m45 playing with Emersya's Interactive 3D

Image of Emersya's Interactive 3D increases dwell time and consumer engagement!
Features March 9th, 2023

Consumer engagement = the key to unlocking higher conversions and brand loyalty

The more time a potential customer spends on a product page, the more likely they are to be engaged with the product and interested in making a purchase...
This increased engagement can lead to a higher likelihood of conversion and keep consumers coming back for more engaging shopping experiences!

Offering Interactive 3D product experiences can increase consumer engagement on ecommerce product pages in several ways by providing:
  • High-quality, interactive product visuals to attract customers and giving them a better understanding of the product.
  • Compelling product descriptions that are incorporated into the interactive product discovery experience to highlight the key features and benefits of the product.
  • Innovative content such as exploded views and triggered animations to empower consumers to interact with the product in a more meaningful and helpful way.
  • Social media integrations to enable customers to share the Interactive 3D experiences on social media platforms with their comments and reviews to increase engagement from other potential customers.
Contact Emersya today to start using Interactive 3D to create a more engaging and informative ecommerce product page that can help increase conversions and sales!

Stat Source:
Emersya's Interactive 3D viewers are used by 100M+ end users worldwide. Our in-house viewer analytics tool shows that on average, users spend 1m45 playing with an Emersya Interactive 3D product experience. This could be rotating the product, zooming in on the details, clicking on annotation pins, triggering animations or switching between colorways.

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