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Interactive Web Augmented Reality

Examples June 6th, 2023
Here's a great example of how Interactive 3D and AR boosts buyer confidence:
Samsonite has taken their suitcase shopping experience to new heights by enabling customers to project products to scale into their physical surroundings using web-based Augmented Reality...

This game-changing feature empowers consumers to make more informed buying decisions by gaining an accurate perception of sizes, designs, and colors. No more guessing and uncertainty when shopping online!

Thanks to Emersya's Interactive 3D and AR technology, shoppers can explore Samsonite's products from every angle, animate the suitcase, add custom text, and even take Interactive AR Photos to compare suitcase sizes against themselves or other real life objects.

Emersya is proud to continue to work closely with Samsonite, to pioneer innovative solutions that boost buyer confidence and enhance the online shopping experience.

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