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Examples September 28th, 2023

Unlocking a New Dimension of Shopping with Emersya's Interactive 3D & AR Technology!

Mon Lit Cabane, the creative minds behind unique house-shaped beds for kids, are redefining online product customization to offer the best customer experience!

The Challenge:
They needed a way for customers to effortlessly visualize and compare the size and design options of their dream house beds. With countless possibilities, the challenge was to empower buyers to create their perfect bed independently.

The Solution: An Interactive 3D and AR configurator!
Now, on Mon Lit Cabane's website, customers can now effortlessly design their ideal bed. They can select house shapes, bed dimensions, colors, storage, and safety rails—all with a real-time 3D preview.

Augmented Reality Magic:
With Emersya’s technology, customers can switch to Augmented Reality mode to visualize their customized bed, perfectly scaled, in their own space. This eliminates guesswork and boosts confidence in their choice.

Real-Time Pricing & Integration:
The Interactive 3D & AR configurator also streamlines the entire purchasing journey. The configurator calculates and displays the price of the selected options in real-time to facilitate the decision making process. It is seamlessly integrated with the eCommerce store so that when the customer is happy with their configuration, the list of options and the price is displayed on the Shopping Cart page for the customer to check before proceeding to checkout.

The Result:
Mon Lit Cabane customers can now design and order their dream house beds online with complete confidence, tailored to their child's needs and preferences.

Elevate your customer experience and transform your product presentation with our cutting-edge 3D and AR technology.

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