Digitalize Design Workflows, from Sourcing to Sales

Emersya & partners demonstrate a digital design workflow at Premiere Vision, Paris

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Articles June 30th, 2022
The global pandemic has highlighted the weak spots in the workflows and supply chains of companies that heavily relied on physical exchanges between brands, their suppliers and their customers.

Companies with operations that rely heavily on in person contact, between brands, their suppliers and their customers, saw them fall apart during the global pandemic.

As life returns to the new normal, many brands have initiated or accelerated their digital transformation; leveraging technology that can not only reduce uncertainties in the face of another global lockdown, but also help them work towards goals such as:
Sustainability Becoming more sustainable
Accelerate Accelerating lead times
Consumer Satisfaction Enhancing customer loyalty
Information rich product experiences Providing more information-rich product experiences
Facilitate decision making Facilitating the consumer decision making process
Increase Conversion Rate Increasing ecommerce conversion rate
Cost Efficiency Reducing overall costs

In the fashion industry, while many companies have started their transition towards more digital workflows, they often struggle to digitize certain stages of their product lifecycles. For example, they may face challenges anywhere from material sourcing, through product design and creating product collections, to sharing designs internally and with external stake-holders, all the way to managing the brand’s different sales channels (brick & mortar, e-commerce, etc.). Suppliers will also have their role to play in the of creation an end-to-end digital workflow, from product design to sales.

To help fashion brands along their journey, a number of established French service providers have been developing both hardware & software for 3D product design, material digitalisation and the creation of digital twins. More comprehensive solutions have been developed to make it possible for brands to easily create and share product collections, specifically designed for each of their sales channels and distributors. These tools can also be used to generate visual marketing material and engaging, interactive product experiences (3D viewers, Augmented Reality, product personalization & customization…).

VVC have organized a presentation of such solutions during the Première Vision trade show in Villepinte, Paris, 5-7th July. With the help of partners Fit Retail and Emersya, they will be demonstrating how to set up a successful digital design workflow, from the scanning of fabrics, to prototyping products in 3D and digitally creating & sharing new product collections.

Demonstrations at VVC’s booth 5B2: 

Digitize Materials

Material Scanning:

 - How to use Vizoo scanners to digitize materials and create digital material libraries ready to be applied to 3D product designs.

Material testing:

 - How to capture the physical properties of fabric in order to accurately simulate these properties in 3D

Design products in 3D

3D design and prototyping:

- Fit Retail demonstrates how to use 3D modelling software to design garments and create digital twins

Create, Review & Share Product Collections online in 3D

Product collection design & review:

 - Emersya demonstrations a collaborative online workflow for creating & sharing product variants and generating visual marketing content on the Emersya SAAS Platform

Première Vision is not just a show for seeking inspiration and sourcing textiles, new materials and colors for creating future collections. The show also enables visitors to discover new ways of working that are more collaborative, more efficient, more ecological and less expensive.

For the material suppliers and other exhibitors, Première Vision provides the opportunity to discover new ways of sharing and distributing their new products, using to digital solutions. These solutions provide a more sustainable and efficient alternative to distributing thousands of physical samples every year.

These cross-functional tools empower fashion brands to build optimal, end-to-end workflows, from design to marketing and sales, in order to accelerate time to market while reducing their impact on the environment.

More about the companies presenting at booth 5B2:

VVC’s Creativity division offers a range of instruments, software and services for the digital transformation of design and production workflows.

Fit Retail supports you through the digital transformation of your product lifecycle workflows and the creation & management of your IT and data systems.

The Emersya Platform empowers brands to streamline their product lifecycle workflows, from ideation to sales, using advanced Interactive 3D & AR technology.

Contact us to arrange a demo on Booth 5B2 at Première Vision!

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