Customer Success Story - Jones Snowboards

Interactive 3D Product discovery

Examples April 5th, 2023
Jones Snowboards is a company that produces high-performance and sustainably-made snowboarding gear.

The company wanted to find a way to create ultra-realistic product presentations for their snowboard bindings to empower their customers to interact directly with their products and actively discover their technical features.

We recently interviewed Antoine Floquet, Senior Product Line Manager & Product Development Engineer, about his experience using Emersya’s Technology to create Interactive 3D product presentations to showcase Jones’ innovative snowboard bindings:

In order to sell products online, you have to convince customers and to provide them with complete reassurance. Allowing them to visualize 100% of all product components and features is essential for conversion. We believe that using Emersya’s solutions is one of the keys to building a successful eCommerce site.
Antoine Floquet

Discover the full success story to find out how Jones use Emersya’s 3D technology to:
- Engage consumers
- Drive conversion
- Reduce returns
- Generate product visuals ahead of time at a lower cost
- Streamline and accelerate design of future product collections

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