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Interactive 3D & AR Product Story-telling

Examples February 23rd, 2023

Emersya X Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot is an innovative equestrian sportswear brand that designs technical clothing for riders who experience horse riding as a sport. As they were pioneering new product designs using state-of-the-art textile technology for materials, cuts and garment construction, they were naturally looking for an equally innovative way for presenting their products online.

Offering Interactive 3D & AR Product Discovery & Story-telling

Horse Pilot chose Emersya’s Interactive 3D as an all-in-one medium that enables them to offer their online customers true-to-life product visuals which are attractive, interactive and informative.

In each product experience, the Interactive 3D empowers customers to explore the product from all angles and zoom in on high-quality technical materials. Horse Pilot use a number of other features of Emersya’s technology are used to enable customers to discover each product’s unique story.

The Teknit Boot

Teknit BootInteractive 3D Dynamic annotations
  • Interactive 3D Dynamic annotations provide detailed information about the product's innovative technology.
  • Customers can trigger an exploded view to discover the different interior layers and technical materials.

The Pilot Backpack

BackPack exploded view
  • Customers can open up the backpack to discover the “90° opening” feature and explore the inside compartments.
  • Customers can visualize products to scale in their physical surroundings to get a clear idea of the bag’s relative size.

The Airbag Twist’Air

Airbag Twist’Air trigger an animation
  • Customers can trigger an animation to see how to release the airbag and recharge the trigger system.

Aurélien Guillon Interview with Aurélien Guillon
Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Horse Pilot

Why did you choose to use Interactive 3D & AR to present your products?

“We saw an Interactive 3D experience on another innovative sports brand’s website and thought it was great! We decided to use Interactive 3D as it makes it possible to show product details in a fun and educational way with high quality rendering.”

What impact has the technology had on the online user experience?

“Emersya’s 3D technology has enabled us to provide superb interactive product experiences where customers can discover technical points thanks to a guiding narrative. Customer feedback has been very positive! The 3D experiences have helped to show and explain the innovation behind our products.”

Can you describe your experience working with Emersya’s technology?

“We would give 9 out of 10 for our satisfaction with the 3D rendering of our products (for the principle of not giving 10!) and we had no problems integrating the product experiences in our website. We were also to generate a video rendering of the Teknit boot in 3D, to create other immersive content pages for our product innovations.

We were able to establish a close working relationship with Emersya who have proved themselves to be reactive and professional. The preparation of the 3D experiences was quick, efficient and professional. There’s nothing else to say other than well done!”

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