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Interactive 3D for presenting technical products

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Examples December 1st, 2022

Emersya X Cabrinha

Cabrinha is a visionary Hawaiian kitesurfing brand and manufacturer that has been a pioneer in the surf sports industry for over 20 years. They design and develop highly technical products for kitesurfing and foil boarding, constantly innovating to provide the best features for performance and safety.

Interview with:

James Boulding

James Boulding

Marketing manager

Why did Cabrinha decide to use Interactive 3D?

  •   To offer premium experience for premium products
  •   To show technical features and materials in an interactive way
  •   To generate accurate product visuals for catalogues more efficiently

How is Cabrinha currently using Emersya's technology to present their different products online?

Cabrinha’s Kite Series

  •   Visualize from any angle
  •   Zoom in on the details
  •   Switch seamlessly between the available colorways

Cabrinha Kites in Interactive 3D
 Kites and wings have profiles and curves in the canopy and these structures can be better seen when you change the angle of view.
The 3d render viewers give our consumers the ability to view our inflated structure products like kites and wings in detail, whether that be small components that make up each product or the general shape of the product which is not always easy to see in a picture.

Cabrinha’s HydroFoil wing Series

  •   Visualize from any angle with unlimited zoom
  •   Explode the foil to see the seperate components
  •   Switch seamlessly between the different wings in the series

 For our hydrofoils it enables consumers to see all the different sized wings, and quickly change view between each size.

Cabrinha’s inflatable foil boards

  •   Visualize from any angle with unlimited zoom
  •   Explode the foil to see the internal composite layers
  •   Get detailed insights into the construction materials through dynamic annotations

 We’ve recently started using some other features to help show internal aspects of a product, for example the Macro Air, an inflatable foil board. This has a new technology inside the board and the ability to highlight this by exploding the view helps get this message over to our partners and consumers easily.

Cabrinha’s website packshots and product catalogues

  •   Generate HD renders for any product, from any angle and any colorway

Not only does the interactive 3D viewer allow customers to view products on our website to gain a better understanding, it also allows us to create accurate & professional looking renders for product catalogues. ”

Cabrinha’s retail network

  •   Share embed link for 3D experiences with distributors

 The 3d experiences are available to everyone from consumers through to our distributor network. Since we integrated Emersya’s renders into our website we’ve always had positive feedback. ”

What is it like to work with Emersya?

" We’ve worked with Emersya for 3 years and the reason we keep coming back and using them is a clear sign of our relationship. The renders are always very accurate and as close to seeing a product in person as possible while sat at a computer.

Emersya have been very personal, quick working and very understanding throughout the [3D] design process. They work through updates and changes efficiently and always are open to help work through any issues we have. "

Does Cabrinha have any plans for future interactive product experiences?

" We’re definitely interested to expand and develop new tools to help highlight specific features within a product. A lot of our technology happens inside a product and can’t be seen from the outside so we’re hoping to work on this with Emersya in future product lines. "

Discover Cabrinha's products in Interactive 3D

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