Create & customize modular products online in real-time Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D Modular sofa customization demo

Features April 8th, 2021
Create modular products online in real-time 3D!
Place new components where they fit and change their materials on the fly.

Configuring modular product in Emersya's real-time Interactive 3D viewer provides complete freedom to move, rotate and zoom in/out on the product during the design process.
The simple and intuitive experience for building modular products is based on pre-defined rule-based logic specific to the product, that control which modules can be put together and how.

Using Emersya's technlogy, it is possible to create unique online customization experiences for all types of modular products and offer and unlimited number of color/material options.

Try the demo modular sofa configurator for yourself here:

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