Configure modular products online in Interactive 3D

Increase sales and customer satisfaction while reducing returns

Features February 18th, 2022

Selling highly configurable products presents a number of challenges:

  • Providing visuals for all product options
  • Respecting the rules of which options can be put together
  • Updating the price according to the options selected
  • Providing realistic previews of what the final configured product will look like

Depending on the product, brands can spend months creating product catalogues containing images of all available product options, their pricing and technical specifications etc., as well as certain number of contextual images showing configured products to inspire consumers.

The actual configuration process often requires a sales representative to personally attend to a customer and manually build them a custom quotation based on their specifications.
This slows down the sales process, limits scalability and leaves margin for error.

It is also difficult, time consuming and costly to create a visual mock-up of the customer’s configured product, which can impact consumer confidence or even lead to low levels of customer satisfaction and a higher chance of returns.

To add to these challenges, in recent years we have seen a substantial shift in consumer shopping trends with eCommerce becoming an essential retail channel. Between 2014 and 2021, the number of online shoppers increased by 62% [1]. In 2020, global eCommerce sales grew by more than 25% [2], largely influenced by the effects of the global pandemic.

Consumers are now accustomed to being able to shop for almost anything, any-time, anywhere, thanks to online shopping.

Empower customers to fully configure your products online, in an interactive and engaging way

Offering an Interactive 3D product configurator takes consumer engagement and customer satisfaction to the next level, by empowering customers to visualize, rotate, zoom-in on and interchange all the different product options online in real-time 3D, to configure your products independently.

Emersya’s 3D technology provides a solution to the challenge of creating thousands of product images for all the possible configurations of your products. The Emersya Platform provides an easy, automatable process for setting up complex configurable products in 3D by defining the configurable product parts and the components, materials and colors available for each.

Convert 3D models in Interactive 3D configurators in minutes

With Emersya’s Interactive 3D, online customers can instantly preview and choose from all available sizes / dimensions, product components, add-ons, colors & materials to create their own product.

The online product configurator can be linked to your eCommerce, ERP and PIM / DAM systems to ensure the product rules are respected and in order to update the price, stock & delivery information for the selected product option in real-time.

Customers can then save their design and share it via a personal link that will allow anyone to load their product configuration in Interactive 3D. They could also reload their design into the 3D product configurator to make changes at a later date.

At the end of the configuration process, preview images and the list of the selected options can be generated automatically. Customers can then confirm and place their order directly online to complete the practical and pain free process.

Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology can be easily embedded in any website and used on any device. Interactive 3D product configurators can be deployed both online and in stores as an omni-channel sales solution.

10 years pioneering Interactive 3D technology for online product configurators

3D product configurators are an essential sales tool for a growing number of product sectors including furniture, vehicles, household appliances, interior design, industrial products… and many more.

Over the past 10 years, Emersya has been working with industry leaders to develop solutions to the diverse challenges they face. Here are some of our more recent innovations:

Configure online in Interactive 3D, instantly visualize in AR!

Configure in Interactive 3D, Visualize in AR

Emersya enables customers to visualize their custom product in their own space, true to size and from different perspectives, to help them make a more informed purchase.
This experience allows consumers to virtually "try before you buy".
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Share with distributors

Meliconi shares their Interactive 3D configurator with distributors

Empower your distributors to generate and easily embed Interactive 3D configurators for your products into their eCommerce sites. The Emersya platform enables each distributor to choose which of your product options they wish to sell and set their own prices and generate a unique url for their customized version of your product configurator interface. The configurator can then be embedded directly in the retailer's online product page.
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Create Fully Modular products online in real-time 3D!

Modular sofa configurator in Interactive 3D

With Emersya it is possible to create complex modular configurators that offer a simple and intuitive experience for building a custom product by drag & dropping different modular components one by one in the 3D viewer. The brand can define the rules and logic that the control how the different components can be assembled and customized.
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Here are some examples of Interactive 3D product configurators that our clients created using Emersya's technology:
Vitra Eames Plastic Chair Configurator in Interactive 3DVitra Eames Plastic Chair configurator


Configure your yacht online in Interactive 3DHanse Yachts configurator


Interactive 3D configurator for elevator cabinsFAIN elevator configurators

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