Add value to your products by offering personalisation!

Interactive 3D product personalization

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Features February 14th, 2023
1 in 5 consumers that are interested in personalized products are willing to pay a 20% premium[1]

Offering attractive products on your eCommerce is good, making them customizable is even better!
Studies show that customers are willing to pay more for personalized products, but that’s not the only advantage of offering online product customization…

Customers will also:
- wait longer to receive their unique product
- be more satisfied with their product and reduce return rates
- share data in return for a more personalized product
- develop a long-term loyal relationship with the brand

Emersya can help you achieve all that and more!
Our Interactive 3D provides customers with an interactive, true-to-life preview of the product that updates in real-time as they try out different customization options.

The Emersya Platform empowers brand to easily create, manage and embed Interactive 3D & Augmented Reality product customization experiences.

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[1] *Statistic source: The Deloitte Consumer Review Made-to-order: The rise of mass personalisation

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