7 key points for choosing an online 3D viewer

Discover our helpful checklist of the top 7 things to consider!

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Features November 7th, 2023

Looking to present your products online in 3D but not sure where to start?

So you’ve decided to explore the value 3D visualization can bring to your customers, your website and your brand. Maybe you already have 3D models for your products or have found a service provider to create them for you. The next step is to choose a 3D viewer and technology provider that will enable you to embed your 3D product presentations in your website.

This can be a daunting decision, especially if you are relatively new to the world of 3D! With so many different options out there, it’s difficult to navigate through the sales pitches and demonstrations.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 7 key things that you should look into when comparing real-time 3D viewers and solution providers!

Here are 7 key things to check when choosing your 3D viewer:

       1.    Real-time rendering quality

Presenting your products online in 3D only makes sense if you can offer your customers realistic 3D rendering to help them get a clearer idea of the product and make a better, more informed decision. This is why the first criteria for choosing your 3D viewer should be the real-time rendering quality. Choose a 3D viewer with the latest 3D rendering effects in order to offer the most realistic 3D visualization of your products!

When testing viewers make sure you try products with a variety of different materials such glass, metal, wood, plastic as well as different types of fabric. Pay particular attention to the rendering effects for reflective or transparent materials and fluffy fabrics as these are notoriously tricky to get right in 3D! Another thing to check are the options the viewer has for creating different lighting set-ups and fine-tuning shadowing effects which can make a huge difference in making your 3D product look more photo-realistic!

     2.   Performance = Fluid customer experience

Make sure the 3D viewer you choose runs smoothly on all devices (laptops, tablets and mobile) to ensure you can empower your customers to fluidly rotate and zoom in on with your products in 3D, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.

     3.   Security

Did you know that your 3D models can be easily downloaded from some online 3D viewers? If you are looking to protect your 3D assets, make sure you choose a 3D solution provider that encrypts your data to make it very difficult to access it through the online 3D viewer.

     4.   Enriched content

A simple 3D visualization is great but why not explore the full potential of 3D by choosing a 3D solution that empowers you to create unique and enriched product experiences? For example, adding dynamics annotations to story-telling and convey the key selling points, product animations to enable customers to explore features for themselves, or even exploded views to demonstrate a products interior workings or components!

     5.   AR Availability

With the rise in popularity of Augmented Reality shopping experiences and the positive impact they have on facilitating decision making, it makes sense to choose a 3D viewer that enables your customers to switch seamlessly into AR mode. 3D viewers that are enabled with web-based AR can do just that, empowering your customers to visualize your products to scale in their own physical space or on themselves!

      6.   Scalable infrastructure

Looking to deploy your 3D product experiences across your entire retail network: your brand site, eCommerce site, international sites and even on your retailers’ sites? You’ll need a 3D solution provider with a solid infrastructure to ensure that your 3D experiences will load and run smoothly, regardless of the number of users accessing them simultaneously!

      7.   Dedicated management platform

Once you have tried 3D product presentation and experienced the benefits for your brand, you may want to scale the project and create experiences for many of your products. This is where having a platform to create, manage, deploy and update your 3D product experiences becomes a game changer!

So, how does Emersya’s 3D viewer measure up?

Emersya develops an easy-to-use online platform for creating unique Interactive 3D and AR product experiences and a 3D viewer for sharing them online. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D visualization by developing new and improved 3D rendering effects to enhance realism while ensuring seamless interaction with the product.

As security is a top priority for Emersya, all digital assets published on the platform are converted to an Emersya proprietary format and encrypted, to ensure that they cannot be easily downloaded by any non-authorized user accessing either the platform or Emersya’s embeddable 3D viewer. Emersya’s technology is hosted on AWS network infrastructure and uses Amazon Cloud Front to distribute your Interactive 3D and AR experiences globally.

The Emersya Platform is agnostic, meaning you can publish 3D assets from any creation software and turn them into Interactive 3D & AR product showcases. Using the same assets, you can create unlimited experiences from immersive storytelling with multi-language annotations and real-time animations, to advanced 3D & AR configurators, all through an intuitive, no-code interface. Augmented Reality can be activated for any 3D experience, even for 3D product configurators!

With the Emersya platform, not only can you easily deploy your 3D & AR product experiences across your entire sales network, but you can also update them everywhere in seconds! What’s more, with Emersya’s analytics system, you can track interaction with your 3D experiences across all embed sites.

The platform generates a unique embed code for each product experience that can be loaded directly in any web browser or any device, or embedded in any website or digital experience. You can make changes to your product experiences at any time and deploy the update at the click of a button. Emersya even makes it possible to create different versions of your projects so that you can prepare and save the new version, without impacting the version currently deployed online!

So if you are looking for a 3D viewer that meets the 7 key decision making criteria outlined above, plus offers a future proof platform to support your current and future 3D needs, you’ve come to the right place!

Contact our expert team today to ask for a demo of our platform and examples of 3D and AR product experiences our clients have created with our technology.

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