7 key elements for successful online product personalization

Discover our helpful checklist of the top 7 things to consider!

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Features December 5th, 2023

Looking to offer online product personalization?

Offering the ability to personalize products through custom text, graphics, or logos can be a great way for brands and retailers to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

The key to unlocking high levels of engagement and satisfaction is to offer an enjoyable personalization experience and to create a positive and seamless process for customers.

That’s why we have put together a list of 7 key elements that you should consider when looking to offer a successful online product personalization experience!

7 key things for successful online product personalization

  1. User-friendly experience

Provide intuitive and easy-to-use design tools that allow customers to personalize products without technical barriers. A simple and responsive interface can enhance the overall experience

  2. Real-time Visualization

Offer a real-time preview of the personalized product. This allows customers to see exactly how their chosen text, graphic, or logo will appear on the product, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing customer confidence.

  3. Customization Options

Even if you are only offering text or logo personalization, provide a variety of options such as different fonts, colors, and sizes to offer more flexibility to customers, enabling them to further adapt the product to their preferences.

 4. Mobile Responsive

With the rise of mobile shoppers, it is important to ensure that the personalization experience is mobile-friendly. A responsive design is key to offering an omni-channel user experience that will work well across different screen sizes.

 5. Save and Resume

Offer a Save & Resume feature to provide customers with a link to come back to your site later without losing their design. Practical for the customer and for you the retailer, as you can send out a personalized reminder email to encourage the customer to return and make a purchase.

 6. Order summary

The final stage before payment is key to ensuring customers complete their purchase. Provide a summary of the customer’s order with clear images of their design, to help them check their choices have been successfully applied, filling them with the confidence to finalize their order.

 7. Share on Social Media

Consider integrating social media features that allow customers to share their personalized products with their online community. This can be a great way to market your personalized products

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